WristMC vs Smartwatches

I am an avid user of my smartphone. I am a techie. I love electronics. And of course, I am a millennial. When the ideas of smartwatches first came about, I was very excited for the future. The idea of having a computer, telephone, internet, messaging, audio player device on my wrist........... well, it simply holds a special place in my heart. BUT, it still has to be beneficial. Over the years of wearing smartwatches and various phone wrist holders I can finally say (with confidence and pride), there's really no reason or added benefits to owning a smartwatch. A good phone wrist holster though, absolutely needed. So, let's analyze them by 3 key factors.


To begin, It is not very inconvenient to bring in a middle gadget between my smartphone and I. It's hard enough managing 1 device. With a smartwatch you'll have to manage 2.  Even with the ability to read texts, see pics, "manage" music I still have to pull out my phone because the smartwatch screen is too small to really enjoy most content. Checking a website, send an email (or a long text), navigating maps, etc.; all of theses tasks are far better handled by something larger than a 2"x2" screen. Having to look at the smartwatch, then pull out the phone really just adds time to consuming content or getting info or fully socializing. I don't want to add time to checking my phone, especially when I'll have to check the damn thing again in 10 seconds. That constantly reaching for my phone thing... really sucks! Saving time is efficient and efficiency is convenient and convenience is the new age way of life. This is where the wrist holster comes in handy. Any notification and a quick turn of my wrist is all that's need to get to my phone. I don't have to go fishing for my phone. That large, adequately sized screen is perfect for the wrist. No more limitations!    


Smartwatches are very similar to common wrist watches in terms of weight and comfort. It still feels like I'm wearing a watch. I'm always adjusting my watches because they slide or shift. Smartwatches do the same thing. I'll consider that normal. A wrist holster, and the weight of the phone, is a unique feeling. It's not that it's uncomfortable, but is more noticeable. As if you have a large watch on your wrist. I must say that as I go about my day the feeling disappears just like a common watch. Of course I adjust about as often as a common watch, but I'll consider that normal.


A good wrist holster like WristMC costs less than $30. A good smartwatch cost about $200. Yeah..., hindsight, I really don't see the need to spend on smartwatch when it's not even benefiting me. It's like the cost that keeps on costing. Not Smart!